Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turkey Day and Giving Thanks Recap!

Soooo it is the 28th of November so I am a little late with this blog post but it is Never too late to give thanks! I am thankful for all the many blessings God has blessed me with! From the obvious ones to the ones I don't even know about! I know that everything works Together for Good to Them that love God and are  called according to his purpose. So I will continue to praise and thank Him for where I am in life and where He is taking me : )

Being the HUGE foodie that I am, I decided to Take pictures of the Thanksgiving day festivities and all the food I cooked for my family. We had a GREAT Time and It will be a thanksgiving to be remembered.

And yes... I made ALL this food :)

Awesome Peach Cobler  with a recipie Courtesy of BeautybyBenji Aka mediumtoplusdiva :) It was delicious!

Scalloped Potatos

Fried Plantains AkA Dodo

Mashed Potatos

The Turkey Before

After: Turned out Amazing!

Eru (Cameroonian Veggie Dish) to eat with the Gari (tapioca)  and Cassava 

Tomato Sauce for the Rice


Banana Bread :)

Gravy for the Mashed potatoes

Cassava and Gari for the Eru

Mac and Cheese... and yes... I made it with WHole Wheat pasta LOL

Brown Rice Made with coconut water  to eat with the sauce

And Stuffing

Lots of food, Lots of family and friends and many memories! Thanks for reading!! Let me know if you want any recipies :)