Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My First JustFab Purchase! and Simple OOTD

So here we go with my very first JustFab purchase! To be completely honest, I am not one for the clothing and shoe monthly subscriptions especially since I feel like I will be spending WAY too much money on such things! I never actually thought I would be subscribing to any one of these sites but I saw an Ad on pandora saying that you could get your first pair for under $20.00. That seemed like a great deal to me because I was in DESPERATE need of black boots I could wear to work (my other ones went bad.) I also didn't want to pay anything over 25-30 dollars so I figured I would be able to snag good quality at a cheap price. I went on the site and I saw these Kornelia boots and they looked perfect! I got them in a size 9 which is a 1/2 size bigger than my regular size. I like my boots to be comfortable and have enough "sock and jean" room. They took 9 days to be delivered and they fit perfectly! I just thought I'd share and pass on the news about this great deal. Weather or not I stay subscribed is something else. I have not seen anything on the website which   is worth $40.00 to me yet so I skipped this month and unless something changes I will probably skip the next or unsubscribe. Just being honest! Then, I will show you my simple outfit of the day paired with the boots :)
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  1. I love justfab..i too just ordered a pair of boots but when the soccer calves will not let theme zip up:/ so i had to send them back