Friday, August 3, 2012

Eco Emi Box July 2012

Without making this explanation too long, I believe this is my last Eco Emi Box... for now at least. I LOVE this box. I think most of the samples are awesome. I love the fact that they expose us to more eco, animal, enviromental- friendly products and brands that we wouldn't necessarily find on our own. Costs $15.00 a month for a box full of awesome goodies. I had been thinking about cutting some expenses and saving up for other things which are taking more of a priority in my life right now... but I didn't want to see this box go. Anyway, I switched up the debit card for my paypal account cause I closed the previous one and opened up a new one with a different bank. For some reason, Eco Emi's system insisted on trying to draw money from the older account through paypal instead of recognising the new one? Not sure why. It happened twice, and I just decided that it was a sign that it was time to let this one go. Usually when you unsubscribe you get one more box because technically you are paying for the month ahead. I got my box in the mail and it "just so happened" to be one of those extremely rainy days. Conveniently, the mail man decided to put the box OUTSIDE in the rain instead of IN the mail box?? Needless to say, EVERYTHING was soaking wet. Talk about going out with a bang right? I have general pictures showing what the box looked like. I couldn't try any of the teas cause everything was bleeding everywhere. It was disappointing, but i just have no more energy to start following up with either the mail man or  Eco Emi. I wont be going through each sample... just showing pictures... I guess it is one of those things I just have to let go for now :)

                                                What the box looked like wet from the rain :/

Here are all the items, I tried to salvage as much as I could. Many of the samples this time didn't come in sturdy packaging so everything bled on everything including the wrapping paper 

Hopefully my next blog will be a happier note! Thanks for Reading :) 

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