Friday, January 4, 2013

I got Inspired!

Sooo.... I'm an "artist." I put that in quotations because I have not yet reached a point of  "artistic acceptance" so to speak. I'm sure there must be an artist out there who can Identify with me. I actually get inspired from certain things and I go on a painting/drawing overload. And then I go through dry times where nothing comes to me!  I have decided to share my latest completed project with you... It actually went to an old friend. What do you think?

I decided to take pictures through my process...


  1. you need to drawings more! i cant believable what i am looking at :O
    you can make good money out of this!

    1. Lol lol idk... O almost minored in art in college but it was soo expensive cause they wanted me to repurchase everything with their brands... But idk.. I do it when i am inspired and unfortunately that is not all the time hehe