Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Would I have done the same thing? Dealing with Rudeness and Stereotypes

So in 2013 I have resolved to lead a less passive life and speak up for myself. Not that I am a pushover, I just found myself being non confrontational and usually the one who wants to just keep the peace. Anyway, I was having a conversation with someone who I felt kept prying into my personal business for a particular answer which I Clearly tried to avoid answering. Sorry to say it, but it was an older African man. I get very annoyed sometimes with the fact that they feel like you HAVE to do what they say and treat them like gods. I am not saying I want to be rude-- Sometimes, some people need to just take a seat!  After about the 10th time, he said "when someone asks you something it is the polite thing to answer the question." I in turn replied "if someone has made it clear that what you are asking is personal he does not wish to answer the question, wouldn't it be polite for you to drop the question and stop prying?" Needless to say he changed the subject after that. I felt so empowered because the last time we had a conversation he told me that I should keep my opinions to myself because no man will want to marry me because I speak my mind....BUT that is for a totally different blog post.

Where was I? I was feeling empowered. The next day I walk into a subway which I frequent and it happens to be owned by Asians. I only bring their "race" up because of the stereotype that has to do with how Asians run their businesses. The guy ahead of me ordered his sandwich and they were past the meat and Cheese phase. All his veggies were all set and the owner put a whole lot of mayo all over the sandwich. He told her that he did not want mayo on his sandwich and she proceeds to use the spatula to attempt to "scrape" the mayo off the bread, meat, and lettuce. I was actually disgusted watching her do that and I could see the disgust on the man's face. He got really angry and walked away... and told them to "keep your **** sandwich." To think that she wasn't willing to make another one because of the tiny loss she would have had to swallow for a 6 inch sub was appalling to me. I certainly would not have eaten that sandwich. The new 2013 me would have told her to make me another one. I totally get his frustration.

Again Rudeness is not the goal here. My point is, sometimes we just have to speak up and take a stand... instead of allowing people and their mess to walk all over us!

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