Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eco Emi Box June 2012

So it's that time of the month again!! Eco Emi never ceases to impress me. They are definately my favourite of the two Sample subscriptions that I am a part of... 
I have actually stopped doing Eco Emi Haul videos because everyone gets the same thing... but that does not stop me from doing a blog post and showing you what I got!!  Here is a picture of what my box looks like! 

The first thing i have here is an Eco Tints Lip balm. It will be added to my Chap stick/lip balm collection. I like the fact that it is moisturizing AND  color is very wearable. 

Next I got a Vitacare Toothpaste. This is the second item I am trying from this brand and i really do love their stuff! I love all the awesome flavors and it makes my tooth brushing experience more fun. I usually prefer a stronger minty flavor but I always follow up with my Lysterine mouthwash so no worries there! I need all bad germs in my mouth to die!! 

Here I have a Calypso Mango tea... and I love the fact that I got a sample big enough for a pitcher... I get to enjoy more than one cup of tea. I have not tried this yet but I LOVE mango flavored anything. Looking forward to some Iced tea this afternoon! 

I think this is one of the best parts of this box (this and the item below :) ) and it is a natural deodorant. It contains Soy wax, Organic virgin coconut oil, Organic arrowroot powder, Baking soda, Carnuba wax, Organic neem oil, Tamanu oil, Rosemary extract, Essential oils. You Probably won't understand how excited I am!! I can't use antiperspirant and that pretty much eliminates ALL deodorants out there for females! I have tried Tom's and i was left with a severe allergic reaction. I also tried the Crystal brand and i found myself having to re apply several times.  The BEST part of this is it works! i actually smelled myself several times through the day and all i kept getting was the deodorant scent! Now i Usually don't like  lavender but it is actually very pleasant smelling with all the different essential oils comming into play. I checked and it is $7.50... So much cheaper than I thought it would be so this is going to be a purchase!! 

This is my other most favourite part of this box! It is a great size body balm and yet I wish I had more!! It smell GREAT!... like figs and citrus.. and I just put a little on my palm and mix it in with my regular body lotion and I am in Lotion Heaven! Def. something I plan on purchasing! 

I enjoyed trying this meal especially since I have been on a huge Health/natural kick! I always enjoy finding new sources of protein and anything else that is good for my body and my overall healt... and It actually tasted pretty good. I think i would add a fruit and some Ice next time and make it an even more awesome experience 

Here We have a Natural Sweetner option. I like the fact that it was included because it will go into my Calypso mango tea!! 

Keeping with the healthy theme, I am excited to try the vitamin drink and the natural Energy drink. As I said before, I am always interested in finding new healthy things for my body. I am a little nervous because natural products don't always taste great to me...but not everything that is good for you tastes good :) 

Finally, Here Is all the Usual information about the products that comes in the box. 

The Packaging had pretty purple paper and some flower confetti.... and many of the products came in a Silky lilac reusable pouch. Another Eco Emi box down and a Satisfied customer :)

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