Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Long Time No See!!

Hey Guys! It's about time! I have truly neglected my blog and I am happy to say that I am back! I have had a tough year! I had so many life changes starting with my move to a different state last year, to changing my career path, several job let-downs, experiencing the end of a 4 year long relationship, gaining weight, and getting an amazing new job. I maintain that every experience I go through adds a little piece into the person I am today and I am so happy and grateful that God brought me through into 2015 to be able to press on through and live life to the fullest. I haven't quite settled on the direction of my blog yet. As you can see by the title, I actually enjoy the freedom of this being a lifestyle space so that I can share any aspect of my life and hope that you take a little piece with you. With all of that being said, welcome back if you have been here and welcome if you are new. I am happy to share the new life journeys that I will be embarking on. I hope you all are well too and God Bless you :)


  1. Welcome back, sorry about all you have been through. It would surely make you stronger for the future. Glad to have you back. I literally have almost all your videos especially those ones on your weightloss journey. Hope to see you back on track soon on that. You can check out my blog

    1. Aww thank you for all of your support!! i will definitely check it out :)

  2. Well girl, what can I say. I have been through it too. I've had extremely, extremely bad, and some good, but that's life. The only thing that is ever going to be constant is change. Challenges you will face as long as you are alive. It is how you deal with them is what matters. We just have to take them head on, conquer them and keep it moving.