Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Moved! And I am Back with Fabulous Finds for my New Space :)

Hey Guys!! So glad to be back! I have more time on my hands now to really invest in my blog and my channel and I am extremely for the direction of my projects moving forward! Since this blog is all about lifestyle, I have decided to highlight some of the pieces I found for my new space and share the great deals I got.
I noticed that I ended up having WAY more "Stuff" than I ever thought I did. I think we tend to live in unnecessary excess (at least that is what I find true of myself) so moving was very positive for me. I had no choice but to de-clutter and that was exactly what I needed. There is something healing about purging. Just getting back to basics, blessing someone else with the stuff that you don't need, and moving forward. I managed to fit all my belongings into my SUV (which was quite a task) and I made a 9 hour journey by myself that I am proud of.

I couldn't be happier with my new location and although this move feels like I have been pushed COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone, my mindset has been one of gratefulness and acceptance. I am learning so much about myself and I find that the decision making for my life is now actually, Mine. I plan on learning from every experience, enjoying myself, and trusting in God. I know that He has not brought me this far in life just to let me fall.

I will be popping in to show you some awesome pieces and new discoveries on my journey. The major theme you will see here is STORAGE! I needed somewhere to put my stuff and hide it away. I dont like looking at clutter, so finding awesome looking furniture to hide my "stuff" in was a priority. There has to be some sort of functionality for me to even consider a piece or else it is just wasted space.

This was one of the first Items I got for my space. I went to Target with a completely different design Idea for the space, but then I saw this on sale for $125.00 and I had to have it. I actually had my eye on a different color but this was the only one on sale. I am however glad I went with this because it ended up setting the entire mood of the space.

 As you can see, I have Baskets underneath and I store my cosmetics in categories like face products, , Body care, Samples, Lotions, Body Sprays, Nail Care and Hair Accessories.

 In this picture I just wanted to give you a different angle of the furniture. I love the style, I love the color and the thing I love the most is really the fact that It is a multipurpose item. I feel like I can easily use this in a dinning room area to store nice plates or serve food on or use it as chic mini bar area. I fell in love.

On the top I really wanted to keep it simple. I got the vases and flowers from Walmart! Ended up being very cost effective. I got the tray from Kmart and figured it would be perfect for putting all my perfumes. What do you think??

I have plenty more where that came from and I am excited to share :)


  1. Very nice...can you post more ideas please

    1. Sure!! it's hard to keep up with a busy schedule but i took all the pictures and so i will put one up once a week :)... like today! thanks for reading!

  2. Very nice...can you post more ideas please